TNF Thrill of the Trail Result

January 23, 2009


The official result for the Thrill of the Trail is out. My official time is 1:27:18. Congratulations to all the finisher. Check out the result.  😉

20K Male

20K Female

10K Male

10K Female

On buying a sports bra

January 21, 2009

I just bought a new sports bra, the old one I’ve been using which I bought from Hanes is kinda worn out. And since I’ve been running fro quite some time now, I had to wisely choose the right sports bra for me. I bought one from Adidas and used it earlier today for a run at the UP Oval. It did served it’s purpose. 🙂

Here are some tip from Runner’s World UK (


I’ve bought this (Adidas Response (Climalite) Sports Bra)

By David Mitchell

A supportive sports bra is one of the most important pieces of running kit a female runner can buy – here’s all the advice you need to find the perfect fit Getty Images According to the latest research carried out by the Shock Absorber Sports Institute (SASI) at Portsmouth University, 9.5 million women in the UK are not supporting their breasts properly. Could you be one of them?

Read on to discover how you can protect your assets by investing in proper support.

Why wear a sports bra?

The average breast weighs between 250 and 300g, and any unsupported movement – such as running – causes three-dimensional movement: up-down, in-out, and side-to-side.

This can result in discomfort, chafing and strain on the breasts’ supportive tissue – the Coopers ligaments – which in turn can eventually lead to sagging.

In fact, the SASI research also shows that on average, a woman’s breast moves 9.08cm with every stride when running.

What’s my size?

“There’s no magic formula to finding out which bra size will fit you best,” says Shock Absorber’s Julia Nolan. If you have never worn a sports bra before, start with your usual bra size but be open to trying on different sizes before you find the perfect fit.

“First of all, ensure that the back band is at the same level all the way round. If it rides up, then it’s too big,” suggests Nolan. Your sports bra should fit snugly, but not be so tight that you can’t breathe.

“You should be able to get no more than one finger under the band or in the cup, and the material should not pucker at all,” says Selaine Messem, founder of online sports bra shop, Less Bounce.

Encapsulation bras have two cups like a normal bra, but with extra support. Compression bras, on the other hand, press your breasts against your chest, and are usually pulled on over your head. If you’re opting for the former style, then make sure the centrepiece lies flat against the breastbone.

What shape of bra best suits my breasts?

Trial and error is the best way to discover which brand, model and size fits your breasts best. Most retailers should be able to suggest a selection of bras that, based on your body shape and level of activity, will suit you best.

If you’re shy about having a fitting in person, then online retailers such as Less Bounce provide knowledgeable customer support and a freepost returns if you’re not happy.

Don’t forget though, that the shape of your bra will have an impact on how effective it is in reducing movement while running. “As with running shoes, many women stick with the same model of bra once they’ve found the one that works best for them,” says Messem.

What level of support do I need?

Different bras offer different levels of support. The type you need will depend on your cup size and the type of exercise you do.

Low-impact sports bras, used for stretching or walking, are often cut like a crop-top and are, on the whole, made from thinner material. High-impact bras (for running) generally use less stretchy material, include supportive seams and overlays and are sometimes even underwired.

Running causes a large amount of breast movement compared with many other sports. “The level of support required does vary according to bra size, but whatever size you are we would recommend opting for maximum support,” says Messem.

I’m smaller-/larger-chested than average, what options do I have?

Smaller-chested women may feel most comfortable wearing a compression sports bra. However, warns Messem, there is research to suggest that a properly structured encapsulation bra – which cups each breast individually – is more likely to give good support than a compression bra.

For larger cup sizes, encapsulating sports bras are definitely recommended; although some bras offer a combination of both encapsulation and compression.

What if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

During pregnancy or when breastfeeding you will need the maximum support available. In addition, your bust size will change throughout your pregnancy, so consider buying an adjustable bra to avoid frequent replacements.

Some women find that wearing a crop top over a sports bra is the only way to stay comfortable when running during pregnancy.

Why has my sports bra started to chafe?

Sports bras usually start to chafe when the elastic has begun to age. It can also occur more frequently on longer-distance runs – this is because of the increased movement of the bra against the skin, due to perspiration.

“One solution is to tighten the rear-fastening by one notch before setting off,” suggests Messem. “This can also be a solution if you’ve recently started running (or increased your training) and have lost weight.”

Like running shoes, a new sports bra will also need be worn in, so to avoid any unexpected problems, best not to wear a new bra on race day!

How long does a sports bra last?

“After 30-40 washes most sports bras need replacing. As a rule of thumb you will need three new bras for every one pair of running shoes,” says Messem.

The technical fabric of your sports bra will wear in the washing cycle, and its elasticity will diminish during use. Try not to tumble dry your bra either: the heat will destroy the fabric on your bra and reduce its life.

Thrill of the Trail: A Different Perspective

January 20, 2009


By: Neville Manaois (Team Principal Pinoy Ultra Runners)

Last December, I made one of the most interesting decisions in my life. I was approached by The North Face and asked if I would be interested to become the race director of The North Face: Thrill of the Trail. It was a rare opportunity and I was quite flattered by the offer. After several meetings and consulting with the team I eventually agreed to manage the race. Little did I know that time it would be a very difficult road ahead.

In December, the team was checking out the route almost on a weekly basis. We took pictures of the course and analyzed every inch of it to cover all possible scenarios. We simulated the race running at different paces from the slowest to the fastest to get a better idea of what will be happening on race day. The cogon grass and the roaming carabaos and dogs also had to be considered. We made sure that there would be a balance of ruggedness and adventure while ensuring the comfort and safety of the runners. We wanted to start while its dark so they can experience the feeling of running in the dark. The limited water stations will make runners carry their own water and food alowing them to experience the uniqueness of trail running. We want to create an authentic trail running event while at the same time making it accessible to just about everyone. Making it challenging but at the same time achievable. All this in order to give the runners a different kind of running experience.

It was a different experience for us as well since it would be the first time we will handle a race event this big. Our organization and management skills had been focused on our Run For Your Life: Ultra Marathons which were already a real challenge since we were race organizers and runners at the same time. But this time it was a competition which will involve a lot of runners with varied expectations. A week before the race, I was near my breaking point (I really admire those race organizers for it was such hard work – you’re a different breed).

The race week started with a special edition of the running aid along with a race briefing. A lot of people showed up, mostly beginners, eager to know more about trail running and what’s in store for them. The cold weather and the constant fear of rainfall in the Nasugbu area made the race atmosphere more tense. We knew that the trail could quickly turn into a sinkhole with a few drops of rain.

The week also became hectic since a lot of people were not included in the registration. As it turned out, the North Face limited the number of participants of the race due to logistic as well as environmental concerns since a big number of trail runners can seriously destroy the trail. There were problems with the registration which we would have to watch out for in future races.

The day before the race, team Pinoy Ultra Runners was already in Evercrest to do its job. The 14 members ran the whole trail several times making sure it is wide enough and safe for the runners. The team also checked and made sure all the trail signs were in the right places. We went through all of the racing grounds to minimize or do away with the risks of runners getting lost or injured. We took pictures of vague landmarks and relayed our information to the locals to make adjustments real time.

To simulate what it would feel like to be the race leader who was way ahead of the pack, a member ran without any runners behind or in front of him. Then some team members ran in tight formation through the trail to simulate what it would be like running in a pack. We practiced different scenarios to check any problems. It was hard work but we really had fun doing it.

In the evening the team was in a happy mood while I was tense and feeling the pressure. It was aggravated with the news that our sponsors, the company managers, as well as the owners along with their families, will join the trail run. It was a tense evening for me but the celebratory atmosphere and the cheerful disposition of the team made me feel confident. After dinner we ran through the race schedules. We talked about problem areas and checked all our logistics. We focused our attention on the trail, we were worried that some trail signs might be removed or knocked down in the middle of the night. We then decided to form a 5-man team that would be up at 3 AM to run the course and check everything.

We also assigned members of Pinoy Ultra Runners to team up with the marshals in different points of the trail as added precaution. Members of the team who were doctors and medics were deployed to crucial areas such as the ravine and bridge crossings. We assigned strong veteran runners in areas that would require tricky footwork for runners especially in single tracks. To encourage runners to press on, we deployed enthusiastic and very cheerful members to areas which were difficult to run. One of the biggest changes we made was letting the 10 km runners go first, then after 10 minutes,the 20 km runners. This was because we know the 20 km runners will take their time and plan their pace in the trail. The 10 km runners would run at a faster less conservative pace and would surely catch up on them This was one of the scenarios we had analyzed which led to that major change.

In the early morning hours of race day, the members of the 3 AM team who were tasked to make a final check on the entire course started off. Other member prepared their water, first aid, trail food, communication and other provisions. A few hours later, runners began arriving as members of the team moved to the five marshal points and two critical areas (the run going down to the bridge and up from the bridge). The reconnaissance runners who left at 5 AM eventually returned to the starting line giving a thumbs up sign.

As race director we began to call everyone to check their status. The marshals were all in place and they were happy with the trail signs. The locals in the trail also gave the all clear signal. Our two ambulance and medics were all ready. Water stations were complete and everyone was all set. At 10 minutes before 6 AM, we were announcing some minor changes and other reminders to make the run as smooth and safe as possible.

The runners were tense and at some point apprehensive since this was the first trail run for most of them. The Pinoy Ultra Runners were also sharing the same feeling since this was the first race we organized. At 6 AM, The North Face marketing head Jundel screamed “Never Stop Exploring” and the race was off for the 10 km runners. Ten minutes later, the 20 km racers broke out from the starting line and charged down the trail. A flurry of messages were sent to the marshals informing them of the start. Marshals in turn sent information back to base camp such as the fastest runner, traffic update and the weather as well.

After a few minutes, Marshal Point 5 in Carluega, reported that the 20 km runners had crossed already and were making their second loop at under 40 minutes. Then we received reports that the 10 km runners were already in the last 3 km to the finish line. The Pinoy Ultra Runners began to feel a little relieved since everything was going according to plan so far; no disasters yet, but we were keeping our fingers crossed.

I can’t say much about the course of the race since we weren’t running. This was a different feeling for me. For as long as I can remember, I was one of those who ran the race or cheered my teammates towards the finish line. But this time, I was an organizers and a marshal which were really tough jobs that sapped a lot of my energy. It was a funny feeling since usually I am the one running towards the finish line but now I am the one waiting for the runners.

Close to one hour, when the first 10 km runner crossed the finish line, I remember saying to myself “1 down 249 more to go”. Pinoy Ultra Runners sent reports that everything was under control, no problems yet. The trail run was flowing smoothly and everyone was enjoying the beautiful landscape (which was one of the highlights of the run). Soon 20 km runners were arriving at the finish line. Members of the team guided them to either the 10 km or 20 km finish line without impeding their time. Other members managed the timing sheets and made sure each runner’s effort was recorded properly.

As each of the 250 plus runners crossed the finish line, the team members were all smiling. One member voiced out that it was a unique experience, since it was different watching people run and encouraging them. “It was delightful to see the runners specially when they respond to your challenge to overtake the runner ahead of them. Or when their faces light up when you tell them they’re top 5 or 3 or whatever place.” As the runners all crossed the finish line, members of the team packed up and started to do their own trail run back to the starting point. When I saw them they were all smiling. Sure we were all hungry, cold, tired and wanting to get some sleep, but we were also very happy (I hope! Thank you guys).

I’ve never been on top of the stage, to receive any prize or a trophy. But in the Thrill of the Trail I was on stage for the whole time, not to receive any awards but to give the awards and congratulate the winners. “So this is what the winner’s podium looks like.” It was such an interesting experience giving the medals and prizes along with the sponsors to the winners of the different categories. The members of the Pinoy Ultra Runners eventually gathered at the breakfast table and traded stories as the participants prepared to leave Evercrest back to Manila. Everyone had fun and cherished the trail running experience.

The North Face Thrill of the Trail is one of those rare experiences for me and the rest of the team. It was the first time the Pinoy Ultra Runners took part in organizing a big race. One of the reasons I involved myself and team is to have that rare opportunity to see running in a different perspective. We saw a lot of runners and what they were going through while running in a blink of an eye. We saw the pace of elite fast runners, perseverance of weekend warriors and determination of recreational runners all at the same time. “Never Stop Exploring” is the motto of The North Face and that’s what the team did in this event. Exhausted but it was all worth it. The North Face and other sponsors were very happy of the outcome with minor comments and suggestions. Our sponsors who ran were also delighted by the experience. It was rare and good experience for all of us. As of now we still don’t know what the participants think about the race but we do hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed preparing and organizing the event. Will I and the rest of the team organize another race? As far as I’m concerned this is such a hard work. Its comparable to organizing our ultra marathons but with far more considerations in a very limited amount of time. This event allowed me and the rest of the team to appreciate running events as well as other endurance race. However it was enjoyable seeing runners cross the finish line with a long big smile on their face feeling accomplished and satisfied. To answer my question, I guess I will leave organizing to much more capable people and just participate and enjoy running. However there’s no harm doing or organizing one trail run from time to time just to have a break from running. However for now I am content a long with the rest of the team in organizing Run For Your Life: Ultra Marathons.

Thank you very much to The North Face for giving us this opportunity and organizing a trail run for athletes to enjoy. We hope there would be more trail run events in the future. Thank you to all the runners who took part in the event and made it successful, we are really delighted by your support. Above all, thank you to all the members of the Pinoy Ultra Runners who made this event very successful. Thank you for running and checking out the route numerous times in different times of the day. Thank you for waking up early and checking all of the route markers in the 10km trail. Thank you for going to the marshal points and waiting for all of the runners to finish. Thank you for being there in crucial areas to provide medical assistance and safety instructions for all the runners. It was a great experience and a great event to start the year. See you at the starting lines.


Two thumbs up for organizing this event. I truly had a wonderful experience with my very first 10K trail run.

Thrill of the Trail Recap

January 18, 2009

We left home around 3AM to travel to Nasugbu, Batangas. My esposo and I opted not to check-in in a hotel in Tagaytay because of money. The past few months have been full of expenditures, so we decided to be stingy for this event. I managed to get some sleep while my esposo is driving, I have to conserve whatever energy is left of me. I woke up when my esposo asked me if I wanted something to eat, we were entering the Drive Thru of Mcdo in Sta. Rosa, I guess french fries would do. I stay awake until we arrive Nasugbu. There were staff of the TNF preparing for the event, some were hanging the streamers, fixing the light and playing some music.

img_1643TNF Thrill of the Trail

img_16131Getting ready for the run

img_1623With Glenn Mundo

img_1620With my esposo (naputol si Glenn sorry)

Suddenly I felt that I had to go, my stomach is not cooperating with me! Argh!  So I had to go to comfort room to have a little private time and yes it was a success. 🙂 It had been a relief for me thinking that it might make my performance bad.

The announcer said that the 10K runners would be the first to go and 10minutes after would be the 20K runners turn. At exactly 6AM, we the 10K runners were given the BANG! All set, it was still dark when we left off, there were a lot of things going through my mind. I was really anxious of this run, I was praying that God would keep me safe, and that I finish this race safely. SAFETY was the one thing on my mind that kept me compose. Sure I want to finish with a good time, but HEY! if I had to walk, I will walk. No one is stopping me. 🙂 I’ve given myself this goal of 1hour 30minutes for me to finish this trail race, my own PR for a 10K run is 1hour 13minutes which was when I ran in the KOTR. If this is a trail my personal goal would be decent enough, I guess.

img_16291Sa sobrang bilis ko tumakbo, blurred ang kuha ko x)

img_16311Model ng power gel, hehehe

img_1632My esposo who finished in 1hour 54minutes for his 20K

My esposo, one of the 20K runners was able to catch up with me in the 3K+ mark, he sure is fast. Our training at the Mt. Sto. Tomas and at the Shotgun Trail really paid off. I didn’t had a hard time during the course, but of course there where time that I was about to trip but got back on my feet again and some grass twisted on my shoes and wind up pulling my foot.

The hardest part of the route…..

When we reach the RAVINE, all I can say to myself was OMG! It was a good thing that it was not muddy, but it was still slippery due to soil, the rope that the organizers put was a good help. But I was blessed by this guy ( he was wearing a black shorts and the TNF singlet, he has a curly hair) who helped me while going down the ravine, I didn’t got his name but he was a tremendous help. God bless him indeed. Then came the bridge… (wala lang, hehehe).

After the ravine was the uphill run, I was mostly walking during this course of run. I was enjoying the view of the place. When we got to the road, I was relieved, thinking that the it was almost over. I really pushed myself during this time, and when I looked at my stopwatch it was 1hour 19minutes past the starting time, I can still finish earlier than my goal time. When I saw the intersection on KM9+, I dashed to the finish line. The organizers where before the finish line to give us a high five, I can hear the crowd who finished earlier clapping at me :D. It was a nice feeling and after thaat all I can say was PRAISE GOD! Praise God that it was over, Praise God that I’m safe, Praise God for my good finish time of 1hour 26minutes. Woohoo! I’m really so glad.

My esposo finished his 20K with a very decent time of 1hour 54minutes, he was 15 overall the 20K runners. We didn’t finish the program for we had to go home early. So we really don’t know it my esposo had a prize or what. Well, we have to wait on that for now.

img_1635Mikey entering the finish line

img_1639After the race, medyo hilo ako dyan gawa ng yoghurt na kinain ko 😦

img_1648After the race, goofing around

Next Stop – Mt. Balungao

January 16, 2009

“Mount Balungao Mount Balungao stands at 383 meters high and is situated about 5 kilometers southeast of the Balungao town proper. Hot and cold springs are found here and many visit the place during the summer because it is said that the hotspring can be use mainly for medicinal purposes. Balungao is 188.55 kilometers from Manila thru Carmen, Rosales”



28 Reasons Why Twilight The Movie MAY BE Better Than The Book

January 16, 2009

I love to read books. When I was younger, I can read up to 5 hardy boys book in a day. My mother would often tell me not to let my eyes tire, but she can’t blame I love to read books. I’m on my fourth part of the Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. But I put it on hold to read the Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer, I’m done with the Twilight, and the New Moon and is currently on Chapter 4 of Eclipse. I’ve watched the Twilight movie as well and is waiting for the New Moon movie version, well I guess I became a fan after all.


The New York Entertainment list of 28 Reasons the movie is MAY BE better than the book. It’s for you to judge…

1. First of all, the demands of compressing a 500-page book into a two-hour movie mean that most of the boring scenes of Edward brooding about stuff have been cut. In fact, for the entire middle third of the movie, Edward seems happy most of the time, which Robert Pattinson frankly plays a lot better than he does the dark, serious looks.

2. The movie adds an amazing sequence in which Edward takes Bella to the top of an enormous tree for a view of the mountains and river below. It actually totally rules.

3. In the movie, vampires make an unnecessary but awesome whooshing sound when they jump around.

4. Bella’s new friends in Forks have been given the Catherine Hardwicke treatment: They’re cooler, funnier, more multicultural, and way more interesting than they are in the book, where they’re mostly there to serve as distractions that Bella ignores on her way to Edward. For instance, Eric — described in the book as “a gangly boy with skin problems” who’s “the overly-helpful chess-club type” — turns into a hip, attractive Gaysian. And when everyone goes to the beach, they don’t just take boring walks to the tide pools; they go surfing!

5. Who knew Charlie’s mustache was so awesome?

6. At the movie, you get to hear teenage girls shrieking, “I love you, Edward!!!” before the opening credits even begin.


7. We predict at least one actual Team Edward vs. Team Jacob riot in a movie theater somewhere in America; the rivalry gets much more visceral with audience members cheering the arrival of their heroes.

8. While the baseball scene can’t completely avoid seeming like the campy miscalculation it is, we love that the vampires wear old-timey baseball uniforms.

9. There are jokes! Like, people tell jokes! Instead of just glumly or romantically talking about things! Bella and Edward even tell jokes to each other!

10. We guess because the movie was made by non-Mormons, there’s a joke about Speedo-stuffing! And two jokes about boobs.

11. For no apparent reason, the alluring young waitress who can’t stop flirting with Edward in Port Angeles has been transformed into a weird hipster chick with a hilarious bouffant.

12. When Edward explains to Bella that he can read thoughts, he points around the restaurant and tells her what everyone’s thinking about: “Money … sex … sex … money … cat.”

13. In a touching ode to primitive research technology, Bella actually reads a little bit about vampires in a book! Before going straight to Google.

14. Unlike in Twilight the book, in which Edward’s afraid to even describe a hunt, we actually get to see Edward chase down a deer in the movie.

15. When Bella visits Edward’s family, they charmingly attempt to cook her a meal. “We finally get to use the kitchen!” Dr. Cullen says.

16. The wall of the Cullens’ house features a cute mural made up of dozens of the vampires’ high-school graduation caps.

17. Due to Edward’s chastity, at every point in the movie where you’re expecting a sex scene, the filmmakers are forced to show long sequences of Edward and Bella lying down and staring soulfully at each other. They’re even shot just like sex scenes! It’s impossible to explain just how funny this is onscreen.

18. It really drives home the book’s overarching message of the dangers of female sexuality when we actually see flushed temptress Bella, late at night in her bedroom, forcing herself upon Edward and the poor innocent vampire flinging himself against a wall to keep himself in check.

19. When Bella’s mom hears that her daughter has a boyfriend, she demands, “Are you being safe?” We foresee a whole new tie-in line of armor-plated Twilight condoms!

20. At no point in the movie does this scene occur. (Referencing the “YOU MADE ME FAINT!” scene). (see thumbnail below)  this I didn’t get

21. Also, this scene was cut, thank God. (Referencing the “You’re intoxicated by my very presence” crazy). (see thumbnail below) this I didn’t get

22.In general, we’re just so relieved that the movie did away with most of the 1,000 scenes in which basically this exact thing happens:

Bella: Don’t go!
Edward: I should go, but I can’t.
Bella: I am happy!
Edward: You’re an idiot for being happy.
Bella: You are still totally gorgeous OMG OMG.

23. The other vampires – Laurent, Victoria, and James – don’t just appear out of nowhere on page 375 because Stephenie Meyer belatedly realized something needed to happen. They make appearances throughout the movie, hunting and killing humans, which gives the movie not only little bursts of much-needed action but at least a game attempt at some suspense.

24. There’s an actual fight scene between Edward and James, instead of Bella just passing out and getting told about it later. Mostly it’s just them throwing each other through windows and crap, but in a story that’s totally starved for action it’s nice that they tried.

25. The movie answers in seconds a burning question the book never bothered to address: Do vampires in Twilight have reflections? Spoiler: Yes, they do! (This question was only answered on the second book)

26. Uh, Alice jumps onto James and TOTALLY BREAKS HIS NECK!

27. Movie prom is set in a gorgeous, opulent building with a twinkling gazebo for Edward and Bella’s final dance! Book prom takes place in the gym.

28. “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb,” Bella says. In the book, you just roll your eyes. In the movie theater, everyone cheers wildly.

A day to remember at Shotgun Trail

January 14, 2009

Yesterday was run at the UP Oval again.

For today……

It was 3PM when my esposo and I left the house to go to Timberland. As he promised we would run on trail so that I would be conditioned for the event on Sunday. It was a good thing that there was no traffic so we reach the place in less than an hour. We took the route from Commonwealth, Batasan, Montalband. It was a fine day for a run.

We parked beside Aling Tina’s store but it was not open. My esposo said that it usually opens during weekday where there a lot of bikers and runner going to Timberland. We run on the road which is approximately 1.8K. I thought that we would be running in Timberland Heights only to know that we would be running what most of the bikers call the “Shotgun Trail”. I was literally panting and crying for help and I thought that I would die ( 😉 drama). My knees were so weak to go further but I had to push trough. It’s my training, remember.

shotgun-trailThis photo was courtesy of ratbugasmati69 of, I forgot to bring my camera and my cellphone’s image quality is not that good.

I was walking/running/walking/walking/walking/running/walking/walking/walking and walking. I had to gasp for air because the weather there was cold and windy. The dust from the mountain would blew so I had to bow my head so that my cap would cover my eyes. I think the slopes there were about 60 or 70 degrees, just imagine how hard it was.

And my favorite part of the run was going downhill. But of course I had to be very careful cause I might slip and injure myself.  My feet had to act as a brake for I  might roll down (hahahaha). Because of that I had blisters on both of my feet.

I felt good after the 12K run and I think that I’m ready for the TNF Challenge. We finish the run in 1hour 30+ minutes. For tomorrow, we will be running in The Fort, I’m planning on running 10K. This week is really a run-full week. Yehey!


My esposo just had a bike ride there last Saturday together with his group and he also had a hard time pedalling while going up the mountain, here are some of their picture from their ride.

33atshotgunBiker having a hard time climbing

21atshotgunMy very energetic esposo and on always on the go

30atshotgunView from the top

Maybe you should try it sometime. 🙂

Takbong May Yabang

January 13, 2009

yabang pinoy

I got this from the ever reliable, for sure I will be joining, registration fee is at P250.00 which is inclusive of one Yabang Pinoy band.  The first 200 pre-registered runners will also receive one Takbong May Yabang Cap.  Deadline of registration is on February 1, 2009 at UP Diliman Quezon Hall. Events would be 4.4K and 8.8K.

Takbong May Yabang
For inquiries, you may email or contact Faith at 09063013557

A Week-long Practice Run

January 12, 2009

This entire week would be (I hope) a week-packed of practice run in preparation for the “Thrill of the Trail” this coming Sunday. I have to ready myself physically, I don’t want to finish that race injured. I have to enjoy the race since it my first trail run. I just hope that everything will went well.



Monday – January 12, 2009

Did a 4.8K (3 x 1.8K) practice run on the Up Oval, did the first run around it in less than 15mins. But on my second round, the right part of my back hurt so I had to stretch my arms while running. And on the third, I was panting, maybe because I over pampered myself, I ate what I wanted, I slept late and woke up too early. So instead of my goal of doing 5run around the Oval, I just did 3, and half walking, waaahhh!!! I have to do better tomorrow. My esposo said we would be running in Timberland, I just hope it would push trough, it’s for my own sake. 🙂

My kid’s 5th Birthday Bash

January 12, 2009

Last Saturday was my kid’s birthday, it’s their 5th one. My esposo and I have been blessed with two beautiful kids, namely Rebeccah and Rachelle (yes they are twins). I have to get up early that day to prepare for the party. Since it would be starting 3:00PM, I thought I had enough time. I cleaned up the garage (where the party would be held), borrowed chairs and table, took care of the pabitin, and of course cooked food.

I was not expecting too many visitors, I invited my kid’s classmates, some of the mother from school whom I personally know, some of my friends, my esposo’s relatives and friends. I was kinda mad with my esposo for he had to bike with his friends to Timberland that day. The visitors even came first before my esposo did and I was not yet even finish with the cooking.

But I’m glad that everything went well, many guest came and my kids were happy that their friends were able to come, and yes they received lots of gift. I was thankful that once again we have celebrated my kids birthday, they are gift to us from God.

img_1555The Celebrant


img_1590Sis. Naida, Sis. May, Sis. Carol, Dennis and Let

img_1601Jason, Gab and Ana

img_1600Razel and Queenie

img_1570Naomi, Christian, Ayesha an Bec

img_1573Sean, Jemimah, Naomi, Christian, Ayesha and Bec (nasan si Echel)

img_1596Auntie Reggie and Gab