A Biker’s wife

It’s been a while since my last post because I’ve been so busy lately. At the end of the day, I’m almost too tired to add entry to my blog. Here ‘s one entry that have been past due, almost two weeks ago, the 3rd Clark Off-road Duathlon was held and my esposo joined. This race was scheduled on the same day as the Mizuno (which BTW marks my first year running anniversary). Most of the runners in the running community here in Manila I know (and don’t know) is joining the Mizuno Race in The Fort, I would have been there if I had a choice but I have to be the “supportive” wife for at least a day or two. I would just be posting picture from the event (the recap would come from my husband, if he’ll do it).

IMG_0020With Elmer, Ian aka Seabiskwit and Erick

IMG_0021Bikers prepare for the event

IMG_0035With PMTB buddy Adrian

It was good day to race, after several days of rains the weather was cooperating on the race day. Esposo said, there were a lot of strong athletes who joined including those who are member of the Philippine Team, Mr. Leo Oracion and many more, he assessed it would be hard to win in a race where strong competitors are so many. The race started with a briefing from the organizer


Race Starts:

IMG_0079Notice how strong the runners look

IMG_0085Two running buddies who are leading the pack

IMG_0092That’s my esposo (in blue)

IMG_0126Nearing the transition area


IMG_0135All smile for the camera 🙂

IMG_0139Start of the river trail (Sacobia)


After four bike loop, participants have to run another 5K of trail. It looks like a grueling race, biking and running under the scorching heat of sun, river crossing, and wet shoes.

IMG_0197Off to another 5K trail run

IMG_0212Almost there

Esposo’s time (according to me):

First 5K Run Loop – 29 minutes

First 7.5K Bike Loop – 30 minutes

Second 7.5K Bike Loop – 29 minutes

Third 7.5K Bike Loop – 32 minutes

Fourth 7.5K Bike Loop – 30 minutes

Second 5K Run – 35 minutes

He ranked 23rd overall but was supposed to be 19th because the person in charge of recording the time did not get his number and name correctly. Sayang!

To all those who joined, congratulations whether you finish or not it’s one tough race. See you all again next year and hopefully I won’t just be the photographer but a participant too.  Other photos are posted in my Facebook account. Please grab it there. (Search nyo po Let Guieb). Thanks.

3 Responses to A Biker’s wife

  1. ian says:

    Erick really knows his craft. He never faltered during the bike leg. He was able so sustain the pace througout! Wow! halimaw!! see you around…

  2. gingerbreadrunning says:

    Hey thanks for sharing the nice pictures! 🙂 Congratulations on your hubby’s very nice finish as well. Were they able to rectify the mistake? Sayang the top-20 finish! Anyway, good luck for your upcoming races, hopefully as a participant this time 🙂


    • Let says:

      @luis, hindi na eh, pero at least I knew who was following him, so I knew what his place was, nanghihinayang nga din si mister, pero enjoy naman, I get to meet new acquaintances. see you sa mga races and thanks for dropping by. 🙂

      @ian, thanks for dropping a comment, congratulations on you Tri last Sunday. I guess, he is a monster, kasi kahit ako nagugulat sa improvement nya, pag may gusto kasi yun, all heart and soul ang binibigay nya. see you ulit sa mga upcoming races, will you be joining the Men’s Health this Sunday?

      @carmen, yes it was really nice seeing you again last Sunday, actually hubby was asking if I knew you would be there and kung may usapan tayo (hahaha). see you this Sunday, hopefully I get well na, I have a sore throat and fever (hindi swine flu, we had a vaccine na couple of weeks ago.) see you and take care.

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