To Finishline Team — Not again???!!!

As I was adding another entry to my blog about my race day at the Men’s Health All Terrain today, the results came out and was eager to check my official time as well as my husband. Both of us beat our personal record with our trail run. As I type our surname in the search box, mine came out in the result but husband didn’t. WHY? WHY? WHY?

We encountered ANOTHER problem!!! Yes both me and my husband beat our personal record but the race result didn’t reflect my husband’s name and finish time. He finished 5th overall with a time of 50minutes and 17seconds according to his Timex watch.

This isn’t the first problem we experienced with a race organized by the Finishline team (I don’t have any grudge against them, maybe it’s the system). The first one was with the TNF100, wherein I inquired with them with the age category winners, asking them when choosing the winner under the age category do they choose the youngest or the fastest runner among the group?. Sad to say, I didn’t got any response from them and didn’t even post my “hinanakit response” online. So we just let it go. CASE CLOSED.

With the Men’s Health All Terrain Race, my husband name is not reflected in the race result (or MAYBE masyado pang maaga kasi kapo-post lang ng result). Kristel (Vince Mendoza’s sister assisted my husband in changing his event from 15K to 10K (Bib# 1094), he got the race kit from her early today before the race started. I just hope that Finishline Team would do something about this. Who wouldn’t want to see his name in a race result moreso, if you’re in the TOP 10?

8 Responses to To Finishline Team — Not again???!!!

  1. runnerforchrist says:

    Let, we cannot always let them adjust our time whenever we call their attention via email or blogs, and just be satisfied if they will adjust it (I’m hoping they will…)for it’s so disappointing not to see our names on the race result specially if you’re included in the top5.
    Next time, search first who will be the Organizer and if you have ill feelings for them the way they handled a race before, then it’s about time to think. As the saying goes, “One is enough and two is too much.”

    Until now, ‘Finishline’ has no answer for my friend Romy Irivera’s dilemma during the TNF100. I posted it on my blog ‘TNF:Terribly Neurotic Fallacy Part 2’ They asked so many questions on the first part, but when Romy answered them, none of them showed up and reputed Romy’s claim.

    My friend Jerry Karundeng aka High Altitude also made a comment in one of my posts that the TNF20k has a loophole also, because the prize of the age category winner was bigger than the overall winner…

    That’s why we, majority of runners here in Laguna,did not join Menshealth although it’s very near to us.

    Let’s still support Finishline…in our prayers!
    God bless and sorry for a long comment.

    • Let says:

      i completely agree with you. we should be wiser when choosing races we’ll be joining.

      ang hindi ko lang maintindihan ay kung bakit hindi nila pino-post sa comment section nila yung comment ko, takot ba sila na mabasa ng ibang runner na may issue na ganoon? sa tingin ko kasi mas maganda kung maging transparent sila, at harapin at sagutin nila kung may tanong man ang mga runners nila. alam ko na walang magiging impact ito sa running community lalo pa na madaming tumatangkilik ng mga races ng finishline, pero karapatan ko na mailabas ko kung may opinyon man ako at may nais akong iparating sa kanila. salamat po bro. ronnie.

  2. Shiela says:

    hindi ka nag iisa! i too was a victim of not such an incident when I joined the Earth Run in May 31. I emailed the contact person who replied that indeed it was an oversight on their part, even gave me my race result and promised to amend the race result. Unfortunately as of today, the race result has not been changed yet. So i stopped hoping. I just posted in my blog 2FORdaROAD our email communication to document my race result. lets just hope that this wont happen again.


  3. kinderdorf says:

    I am satisfied with the way the Finishline team handled the road races that I joined. Hence, I was surprised to learn that they did not do well with the results in their trail runs.

    From the runrio website it appears that the “official results” have been released with the caveat “please let me know through if there’s any concern”. You can leave it as is or raise the issue directly to the race organizer.

    While this may be a minor glitch, the same should not have happened if the organizers were more careful and circumspect.

    Lets just be choosy on the races that we will join.

    Hope to see you in the future races! Keep on running.

    • Let says:

      @sir ipe, actually i’m almost present in races organized by the finishline team. i did send them email na and post a comment on the race result, but like the one i sent them in the TNF100 query, they don’t seem to be approving my comment. up to now, i’m still waiting for their response. thanks sir ipe for dropping by and see you in future races.

      @shiela, it’s quite disappointing talaga if your name is not in the result although you paid for the race fee and you actually run. my first race was the Rush to Infinity by Mizuno race last year (a runrio event), wherein my name was not in the result, i sent them query but yeah no response. hope to meet you soon. thanks for dropping by.

  4. Carmen says:

    Let this is a sad story… I’m also shocked to find out what runnerforchrist and Shiela also posted. I hope and pray that I will be spared from such experience! I will remember what you guys have shared and will make a mental note of what I need to learn when it comes to race organizing groups.

  5. Hi Let, that is all the more upsetting given that it has happened to you and your hubby twice. I am hoping it can be resolved, nothing sucks more than running your guts out and not seeing your name in the final result. Hope it works out, keep us posted!

  6. Mhel De Leon says:

    Hi Let,

    We have the same predicament on the MENS HEALTH ALL TERRAIN RACE. My name is not in the race results for 10K too. I emailed Coach Rio about it and his staff replied that they will act on it.

    Nice meeting you and eric during that race. 🙂


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