Donations for the victims of Ondoy

September 28, 2009

It’s time to do our part and help those people devastated by Ondoy. The Filipino people is known for Bayanihan, let us show the world what the Filipinos are made of. Let us extend our help, may it be in cash or in kind, let us do our part!

Greetings friends in the running community.

In light of the typhoon that has left most of us emotionally drained, we would like to encourage the running / multi-sport community to pitch in and help out.

Kindly help us spread the word that we are extending help to our friends who were affected by the typhoon ondoy.  Lets maximize however we can help, announcements in your blog, multiply, tweeter, or your status in facebook will be greatly appreciated.

Secondwind will be accepting donations:

  • blankets
  • singlets, jerseys or shirts
  • old footwear
  • food
  • other items that can still be used

We will be accepting until Thursday (end of day) and will donate to ateneo thru Neville Manaois, PUR team principal, secondwind teammate and ateneo professor.  Volunteers to pack and help transfer goods on Friday will be most welcome.

Maraming salamat in advance sa lahat ng tulong na maaari niyong mabigay.

Address and map of Secondwind Running Store


Powerade Duathlon Leg 3

September 20, 2009

It’s always nice when you’re joining a race but it’s even nicer when sometimes you just have to be an “audience” or “supporter”. And that is the scenario earlier today when my beloved husband joined the Powerade Duathlon Leg 3 at MOA by the Triathlon Association of the Philippines (TRAP). He also joined the last leg which was his first road Duathlon. Compared to the last leg there were a lot more “duathlete” who joined, and almost all of them are eager and excited about the race. There were a lot of familiar faces during the race, Ian aka Seabiskwit, Pinoy UltraRunners  Hector, Jeremy, Mikey (also of Second Wind), Rico Villanueva aka Sheerwill, Ryan (forgot his last name) just to name a few.

20092009(008)Athletes who joined the race

20092009(005)Erick fixing his things at the transition area

20092009(007)Chatting with good friend Mikey

A briefing was held first informing the athletes of some changes in the route of the race. And started at 6:45AM, the athletes were off to their (2x)3.5K loops from Bradco Avenue to Macapagal Avenue/Coastal Road.


20092009(011)Here’s Erick finishing his first loop. He finished his first run of 7K in 34minutes.

20092009(012_6)Off to his 30K bike ride

He clocked in his 30K bike ride in 59minutes which I think is not so bad considering he is using a mountain bike. God permits he would be able to buy his road bike in the next couple of weeks in preparation for the Speedo Tri. Leg 4 at UPLB on October 3.

20092009(013_5)And here he is completing his duathlon with the last 3.5K run in 17minutes. (Thanks daw kay Mayo sa pag pacing sa kanya)

As per his official time-keeper [me], his time is as follows:

RUN1 (7K) : 34minutes

Transition1: 2minutes

BIKE (30K): 59minutes

Transition2: 1minute

RUN2 (3.5K): 17minutes

Total Time: 1hour 53minutes

A thought from me:

I really like the “I CAN DO” atmosphere of runners, bikers and every athletes out there, though in the heat of the morning sun, though you’re the last of group, we try to push ourselves to the limit. No distance bounds us with what we can do, on how long the ditance we can run and how many kilometers we can bike. It’s the CAN DO attitude that sets us apart from others. Congratulations to all the runners, bikers and athletes out there who believe that they CAN! 🙂

Races! Races! Races!

September 16, 2009

There are so many scheduled race for the last quarter of the year. As excited as any runners out there, here are the race we’re already registered in.


New Balance Power Run – Raising Hope

September 27, 2009, The Fort

For more details visit New Balance Site

Milo National Finals

October 11, 2009, Luneta Grandstand

QC International Marathon

October 18, 2009, QC Circle

For more details visit the Runnex Site

I will also be joining the Adidas King of the Road, registration for this race will start o September 21. How about you? What races will you be joining? See you at the finish line. 🙂

My First Half at the Ecodash – A Run to Remember

September 16, 2009

This race was not intended to be my “initiation” on my first half marathon nor supposed to run on this race. Up to now I still don’t know how did my husband convince me in running a 21K at the Ecodash. The night before the race, I still have jitters and in a way was praying for a rain that would stop the race. Yes, I know that is so selfish of me, but came to my senses that I still have to do a 21K one time or another, do I have to prolong my agony?!

I woke up 3AM and heard to no rain outside, so this is it, the moment of truth. Erick and me got dressed and put the things we needed inside the car. At exactly 4AM, we’re on our way to Fort Bonifacio, there were already cars parked when we arrived at the area. The race would be starting 30minutes late for those who would be coming late which was not a big deal for me. Erick, me and one of his colleague did some warm-up, we ran 2K and did some drills.

At 5:30, the gun was fired to mark the start of the 21K runners. It was still dark when we started, Erick paced with me, and run alongside with power couple Vener and Christy and some peeps. Vener was teasing me “naku, Let mahabang distance ito” (Let, it’s a long distance run), still chuckling I answered him “oo nga eh, sabi kasi ni Erick try ko na daw para mawala yung fear ko sa distance na 21K” (yes, but Erick told me to run on this distance so that I can overcome my fear of the 21K distance). Erick run beside until we reached the middle part of the Kalayaan Flyover, for he has to reach his target finish time. As soon as I was heading down the flyover, rain was pouring, who wouldn’t want to run in the rain? This was the scenario all through the route.

It was 48minutes when on my watch when I was at the end of Kalayaan Flyover on my way back to the Fort area. I was saying to myself to finish within 3hours. My first 21K experience is a memory I will treasure, up to now I still can’t believe that I’ve ran a 21K race. As I was heading back to the finish line, I saw Erick running towards me which was what we have talked about [he finished with a time of 1hour 48minutes]. After he run the race, he would be pacing me up to the finish line, but I think the toll has fallen on me. Both my legs had cramped but I couldn’t afford to loose time. I must cross the finish line no matter what. When I check my watch, it was 2hours 21minutes past the starting time and I was still 2kilometers away.

Erick told me to push it and have a strong finish, but I was running/walking due to the pain in my legs. Just 1kilometer away, I pushed myself and ran as fast as I could. I could almost see the finish line, yes! I can do it! I crossed the finish line with a time of 2hours 33minutes 17seconds. YEAH! The smell of victory is so sweet. To God be the glory!

Thanks to Sir Ipe, Bards, Master Mon, Vener and Christy for cheering for me whenever they saw while we were running.

I have no camera, no photos for my first half 😦