There’s always a first for everthing

December 9, 2009

Well, it’s been a while since my last post, life has been busy. Didn’t even blog about my first year anniversary in the blogging[Happy Anniversary to me!] world nor my races for the past months. This post is not about me but about my better half Erick.

Training has been made, miles have been added and the day of reckoning has arrive. Last Saturday, December 5 was the much awaited date Erick has been waiting for. It would be the day that would either make him or break him. It was the day when he will be doing his first Official Triathlon and it would be on off-road, the eXtri 2009.

Months before the anticipated Tri, Erick was already registered for the eXtri 2009 under Team LET, he was so excited of putting the team name in the form. I asked him what does Team LET stands for [besides being my name], he said that it was L-Let, E-Erick and T-twins[our daughters], isn’t he sweet[cheezy di ba?]? He obediently followed his training program for the competition, brick training was also on the menu. As his supportive wife, sometimes I would remind him of his training most especially the swimming part. Knowing that the competition would be on open water I was a bit afraid but God is always good, and no doubt about it.

The race would start at 1:00PM that day, but at 12Noon we’re still on the road to La Luz beach resort in Batangas. We haven’t foreseen the traffic at SLEX nor at Batangas and also we don’t even know how to get there, we just rely on the directions given at the resort’s website. Since Erick was driving, he was in agony of arriving at the site before it even started. And good thing is that we did[Praise God!], he was able to attend the briefing, had his body markings and stationed his bike at the transition area. Everything was in order and as planned.

Swim Leg

The 48 triathletes would be doing a 1K swim, 23K trail bike and 4K trail run. The elite were positioned in front of the starting line when the swim leg begun. Prayers were uttered, encouragements were said to all the brave athletes who joined. My eyes were focused on Erick during the swim leg making sure that nothing bad happens to him.

Mr. Nonoy Basa was the first to finish the swim leg with a time of 17minutes, he sure is fast. And Erick did his 1K swim in 30minutes, the plan was for him to take it easy since this is his first Tri. I told him to enjoy the race and just follow a relax pace.

Bike Leg

He was taking his time in his first transition, I was asking him how does he feel about the swim leg, he stayed in the transition area for 2minutes, which was I guess was too long [he’s taking his time]. All I could do was wait until he finish his bike leg, he told me to wait for him after an hour and a half. But 52minutes later he was already in the transition area, he was fast at his bike leg considering the course was on trail. He was smiling while in Transition2 because even he was surprised when he finished the 23K trail bike in a sub 1hour.

Run Leg

This was his cup of tea, I estimated a 6minutes/K pace for him to finish the 4K run. Thinking that he’s already exhausted I rested on the idea of him finishing the run in 30minutes. The elite/competitive triathletes are already finishing the race and I was still waiting for Erick. Suddenly, there was this two runners who are sprinting to the finish line, as expected one of them was Erick and the other one is Mr. Nonoy Basa[first in the swim leg] of Team Sabak. Both of them was pushing themselves to the cross the finish line, but Mr. Basa accidentally elbowed Erick which have caused him[Basa] to cross the finish line first. The difference with their time was .3 seconds, making Erick third in his age category.

Mr. Noel Salvador finished first with a very fast time of 1:30:17 making him first over-all and Coach Ani De Leon winning first in the Female category with 1:44:52 both are from Team Sabak.

I ‘am so proud of my husband, he’s always good at things he do. And I’m thankful to God for making him that way. The question is when will my first multi-sport race be? [Photos to follow] PTL!