Condura Race 2010

Last year, I just did a 10K run on the Condura, I’ am dying of envy of those people who run half-marathon showing off their medal and telling what a new adventure it was running the Skyway. That’s why this year I signed up for a farther distance, the original plan was for me to run my very first marathon. Erick, would help me with this goal but with a snap of fate everything changed.  I was sick for six weeks I’ve been a slave to a virus that I almost can’t do anything. I wasn’t allowed to run or do anything strenuous, which have me worried how will I reach my goal of doing my first full marathon this year. Good thing that I emailed sooner Mr. Patrick Concepcion  about my problem.

I had the opportunity to chat with Mr. Patrick Concepcion during the racekit claiming (thanks Sir Pat for the photo)

It’s official I will be doing the 21K instead of the 42K, thanks again Messrs. Patrick Concepcion and Vic Pielago for accommodating me. Congratulations to the Concepcion Brothers. Can’t wait for the next Condura race.


I have conquered the 21K distance for many times now, two of them is an official race the Eco-dash and QCIM, and many of which are LSD conquering Kennon Road and Commonwealth to name a few. But last Sunday was a different 21K distance for me. Yap, I’m proud to say that I did conquer the Skyway but I almost quitted  on this race, but am happy I didn’t.

I will not elaborate more on what I felt and experience during the race because as what my other running friends have told me, finishing and not quitting calls for a celebration. I will not dwell on the past  but I will learn from it. Thanks to Carmen Cabiles for running beside me and so sorry for having you worried about me. To God be the glory!

Photos during the race:

Erick and Vener waiting for the gun start for the 42K

With Ms. Anna aka MeekRunner

View from the Skyway

On my way down from the Skyway (Photo courtesy of Dr. Eire)

Aid Station of and Reiner-Pacific (Thanks guys for the banana and liniment spray, you’re all a big help, photo courtesy of Queenie, thanks girl)

4 Responses to Condura Race 2010

  1. run unltd. says:

    Congrats Let and to the energetic hubby. See you again.

  2. jazzrunner says:

    Let, congrats for nailing your..nth 21k! i’m sure you’ll be able to conquer the full mary as well! take care!:-)

  3. rachel says:

    Hi Let! Nice to have met you during the race. Congratulations on overcoming all the obstacles that came your way!

  4. tigerboy says:

    congrats let…


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