It’s my kid’s turn

January 18, 2010

Last night,my husband registered my kid at the Alaska IronKids Run Race which will be held on February 28, 2010 at the Manila Polo Club. And just yesterday both of my kids learned how to ride their bicycle without training wheels. At first Erick and I were afraid that they might fall and get hurt,but you have to give your children the encouragement they needed. I remembered that it was at the age of 15 when I learned how to ride bike compared to my kids who have recently turned 6years old. I’ am a proud parent.

Rachelle in her first Triathlon

Rachelle (Swim Leg)

We are encouraging our kids to be physically active, since it gives them discipline and healthy body. As of now we are trying to find a swimming club that my kids could possible join and maybe in the near future enroll them in Coach Ani De Leon’s Kid’s Tri. 🙂


Someone Righteous! (Reminder:This is a political post)

January 15, 2010

This is a political post – read at your own risk! 😀

This is an out of the ordinary post that I usually put here. I would just like to be heard, I want to be counted. Election here in the Philippines had been about political machinery, whether or not a candidate has the money, people and connections had been the measure if someone is capable of running and winning the election.

This post is about my President this coming election, someone who I truly believe that if the people permit would be a good leader. He’s a righteous man before us and God, one of the qualifications I really admire is him being God-fearing which should be the first qualification someone should have before he/she can serve the people.

My vote belongs to Bro. Eddie Villanueva. I’ am not campaigning nor endorsing Bro. Eddie and persuading anybody reading this blog to change their vote and I hope that you would not judge me for voicing out my opinion. This is a free country, I have the right to post my political views but not to the point of pointing the wrongs of other who wish to serve the people. I believe is Bro. Eddie’s vision and I believe Him who is beside Bro. Eddie all the way. I do hope that you pray for God’s will to rule over your decision on whom to vote.

Let us pray that we would have a peaceful election, and may the right person win. May God be with us always. 🙂

Please read Mr. Carlo Ople’s insights about Bro. Eddie at JuanCountry.

There’s always a first for everthing

December 9, 2009

Well, it’s been a while since my last post, life has been busy. Didn’t even blog about my first year anniversary in the blogging[Happy Anniversary to me!] world nor my races for the past months. This post is not about me but about my better half Erick.

Training has been made, miles have been added and the day of reckoning has arrive. Last Saturday, December 5 was the much awaited date Erick has been waiting for. It would be the day that would either make him or break him. It was the day when he will be doing his first Official Triathlon and it would be on off-road, the eXtri 2009.

Months before the anticipated Tri, Erick was already registered for the eXtri 2009 under Team LET, he was so excited of putting the team name in the form. I asked him what does Team LET stands for [besides being my name], he said that it was L-Let, E-Erick and T-twins[our daughters], isn’t he sweet[cheezy di ba?]? He obediently followed his training program for the competition, brick training was also on the menu. As his supportive wife, sometimes I would remind him of his training most especially the swimming part. Knowing that the competition would be on open water I was a bit afraid but God is always good, and no doubt about it.

The race would start at 1:00PM that day, but at 12Noon we’re still on the road to La Luz beach resort in Batangas. We haven’t foreseen the traffic at SLEX nor at Batangas and also we don’t even know how to get there, we just rely on the directions given at the resort’s website. Since Erick was driving, he was in agony of arriving at the site before it even started. And good thing is that we did[Praise God!], he was able to attend the briefing, had his body markings and stationed his bike at the transition area. Everything was in order and as planned.

Swim Leg

The 48 triathletes would be doing a 1K swim, 23K trail bike and 4K trail run. The elite were positioned in front of the starting line when the swim leg begun. Prayers were uttered, encouragements were said to all the brave athletes who joined. My eyes were focused on Erick during the swim leg making sure that nothing bad happens to him.

Mr. Nonoy Basa was the first to finish the swim leg with a time of 17minutes, he sure is fast. And Erick did his 1K swim in 30minutes, the plan was for him to take it easy since this is his first Tri. I told him to enjoy the race and just follow a relax pace.

Bike Leg

He was taking his time in his first transition, I was asking him how does he feel about the swim leg, he stayed in the transition area for 2minutes, which was I guess was too long [he’s taking his time]. All I could do was wait until he finish his bike leg, he told me to wait for him after an hour and a half. But 52minutes later he was already in the transition area, he was fast at his bike leg considering the course was on trail. He was smiling while in Transition2 because even he was surprised when he finished the 23K trail bike in a sub 1hour.

Run Leg

This was his cup of tea, I estimated a 6minutes/K pace for him to finish the 4K run. Thinking that he’s already exhausted I rested on the idea of him finishing the run in 30minutes. The elite/competitive triathletes are already finishing the race and I was still waiting for Erick. Suddenly, there was this two runners who are sprinting to the finish line, as expected one of them was Erick and the other one is Mr. Nonoy Basa[first in the swim leg] of Team Sabak. Both of them was pushing themselves to the cross the finish line, but Mr. Basa accidentally elbowed Erick which have caused him[Basa] to cross the finish line first. The difference with their time was .3 seconds, making Erick third in his age category.

Mr. Noel Salvador finished first with a very fast time of 1:30:17 making him first over-all and Coach Ani De Leon winning first in the Female category with 1:44:52 both are from Team Sabak.

I ‘am so proud of my husband, he’s always good at things he do. And I’m thankful to God for making him that way. The question is when will my first multi-sport race be? [Photos to follow] PTL!

SIM 2009 – my side of the story

October 25, 2009

I love to go to Subic, simply because of the Duty Free Shops. I’m a chocolate addict, (Hi! my name is Let and I’m a chocolate addict!) and whenever we got the chance to go to either Subic or Clark, you would find me in the Chocolate section of shops here. But it’s a different story now, we drove to Subic because Erick would be doing another full marathon at Subic International Marathon.


Last Monday,  I asked him if he is physically ready in doing another 42K after the last QCIM, I told him he’s no Ultrarunner or hardcore like many runners who were doing the TKO250. These runners are physically, mentally and emotionally ready in doing back-to-back-to-back full/half marathon. It was only last Thursday when he decided that he would push through with run. I told him to run in an easy pace and not to push himself too much to prevent any injury which he agreed to.

We left 10AM yesterday for Subic, but we have to check-in first at Holiday Inn Clark where we will be staying. After leaving our baggage at our room, we’re on the road for Subic. Erick doesn’t want to be late.

24102009(004)On the way to Subic via SCTEX

We arrived at Remy Field around 1:30PM.

let'sWith Bro. Ronnie aka RunnerforChrist

Erick getting ready.

24102009(008)On his way to the shuttle bus



My turn 😀


The bus left not later than 3PM, I prayed to God to give Erick the strength and courage to finish the race no matter how long it would take him to. And to guide him and keep him away from any harm. I really don’t know what to expect! All we could do was wait!


This is what Erick looked like after finishing his race:

24102009(032)He became nauseous after the race and went straight to medical team (Notice how he’s still smiling!)

24102009(034)I gave him iced-cold softdrinks and chocolate bars

He said it was a tough race, and water was the only available liquid he could get from the water station, there was only limited Pocar, good thing he has his hydration belt with him. Despite all of this Erick got to finish his fourth marathon in 3hours 56minutes, which was a best for his personal record. The medal look good!

Congratulations to all the finishers, it was a tough course (Erick said) and I envy all of you for doing a full marathon, it’s still one of my goals, a goal that I hope I could achieve (in the near future). Praise be to God for keeping my husband safe and sane! To God be the glory!

erick'sPhoto courtesy of Bro. Ronnie

I’m getting stronger and I LOVE IT!

October 19, 2009

It was a very special day for me. I turned a year older! A new leaf was added to my book of life.

It was also the date for the Quezon City International Marathon. And I’ am registered for my second half marathon. Since we live just a few kilometers away from Quezon City Hall which was the starting point for the marathon, we took our time to check stuffs we will be bringing. Power Gel (check), Gatorade (check), Bananas (check), Race kit (check), water (check), extra money (check), tissue (check). Everything’s ready and Erick and me are both ready for a great run in store for us.


We left the house 10minutes before 4AM, we would be taking the Quezon Avenue leading to Elliptical Road, only yo find out that it was already closed for vehicles. Off to East Avenue instead, upon reaching the corner of Matalino Street the the road was already barricaded and was only open to vehicles of registered runners. We were able to find a good parking slot inside Quezon City Hall, which was I think was guarded and hoping that no theft accident happened.

Ate a banana, gulp Gatorade and then went to starting line, and saw a lot of runners whose excitement can be seen through their face. Saw the familiar faces from the family, Jinoe and Queenie, seasoned athletes, and the Kenyans who came a long way just to gazed the Philippine running community and spiced up the competition. At exactly 4AM, the 42K runners were given the GO! I was still in line to take a pee when I heard it, I saw Erick running towards me, gave him a good luck kiss and whispered prayers asking God to guide us and give us the strength to finish the race. I would be waiting for him at the finish line.

I went straight to the assembly area and did some warm-up. I took a spot in the middle of the pack, at exactly 4:30AM we were sent off,  which I think was a good thing, I wouldn’t want to run under the heat of the sun. I saw Gigi aka “Fitmommy” in front of Kalayaan Avenue, chatted for a bit, but off she go, she’s really one fast mommy. I was targeting 2:30 finish time and decided to keep pace with the official pacer for this time who happens to me Roselle aka “Running Diva” whom I’ve known in the running community since last year.

While approaching Philcoa, I ran a little faster  than my usual pace and was able to keep pace with the 2:15 pacers. I also saw these three guys who were in front of me who were chatting, told myself that I would just run behind them if they keep their constant pace. On our way to UP Oval via University Avenue, we saw some of the 42K runners on their way to Commonwealth Avenue. I tried to keep my 7:00minutes/km pace  so that I would be able to conserve my energy throughout the race.

It was a breath of fresh air running through Commonwealth Avenue vehicle-free, and for sure I would be joining the 2nd QCIM next year. It was such a festive mood along the avenue, there were Drum and Lyre from different schools who were there to give us a good beat. Cheerers along who also offered sliced bananas, water,Salonpas, and petroleum jelly. This was one of the BEST race I’ve joined so far. Whenever and wherever I saw a runner I know, I would often shout their names and would give a thumbs up sign or would give words of encouragement which I also got from them whenever we saw each other. The likes of SecondWind Team Hector, Mikey, Neville and Jeremy.

Upon reaching Tandang Sora Avenue, I notice one of three guys I mentioned earlier running besides me. So what I did was I kept pace with him since we were both running in a constant pace. Was able to chat with him while running, his name is Dennis, wearing Bib # 8761, and he’s good-looking(Hi Erick, :D). We ran almost all throughout the race, we would chat for a while, and would sometimes coach me, since he’s been running longer than me. He would then remind me of how many distance still left, how would we finish if we continue our pace.

There were still a lot of the 5K runners as we head back to Elliptical road. There were still a few more kilometers to go before the finish line and I was still in my groove at this point (Praise God!). Honestly, I didn’t felt that much pain in the legs compared to what I had when I did my first 21K. And I’m more comfortable with the distance, I’m no longer afraid of it, I think I would be doing a lot more 21K in the near future. And hopefully, I would be able to train for my first full marathon at the Condura next year.

There have been a change in the 21K route, rather than going through Batasan Road we had our turn-around point at Batasan Avenue corner Commonwealth, and instead of passing through the UP Ayala Techno Hub, we ran inside Trinoma compound. As per the water station, it was GREAT! I didn’t have problems at all with regards to hydration, I didn’t bring my own hydration belt and just put my trust with the organizers and boy, they didn’t let me down, most of us I guess. Since I know the route by heart (because I’ve been living here in Quezon City for more than a decade), as we reached Trinoma, I knew inside that there were just a few more kilometers to go. I have to sucked it in and think of the finish line, think of how glorious and elating it would be. I was still running with Dennis, he told me that if I can no longer run, he would push me (literally!)

We were 500meters away from the finish line, when Dennis saw his buddies, he told me to go ahead and he would wait for his buddies. I got tempted to walk, and walked I did! 100meters to go! I have to run, looked at my watch 2:29:35! Got to do it, I could almost smell the sweet taste of victory, finish line was almost at reach. Managed to clocked in my 2nd half marathon at 2:30:22. A new PR for me, did beat my first half by 3minutes which was an accomplishment for me. (BTW, Dennis was just right behind me, along with his buddies) Thanks to Dennis for pacing with me. I also got my first medal for doing a half marathon, I’m so proud of myself, BUT I wouldn’t be able to do it without GOD. And I just bring back all the glory to His Name.

I waited at the finish line for Erick. And saw MJ and meet Ron.

qcimWith MJ and Ron, we all did 21K. (Thanks MJ for the picture)

Erick crossed the finish line at 4:15, a PR for him also, breaking his 4:17 record. But he was wasted, I can see how hard he took his full marathon and how it took it’s toll on him. By the time we got home, he literally went straight to bed after taking a shower. Told him to take a rest and we would have a massage later. He was also craving for food, he was looking for gotto, liempo, lechon manok or whatever food comes to his mind.

The day ended with a half marathon in the morning, lunch out with my family in the afternoon, and a fellowship with close friends in the evening. What’s a better way to celebrate a birthday than this? Thank you so much for those who greeted me, personally, called me, texted me, send message via Yahoo, Facebook, Friendster. I love you all guys and may I celebrate my next birthday with you again. God bless us all. 🙂

Donations for the victims of Ondoy

September 28, 2009

It’s time to do our part and help those people devastated by Ondoy. The Filipino people is known for Bayanihan, let us show the world what the Filipinos are made of. Let us extend our help, may it be in cash or in kind, let us do our part!

Greetings friends in the running community.

In light of the typhoon that has left most of us emotionally drained, we would like to encourage the running / multi-sport community to pitch in and help out.

Kindly help us spread the word that we are extending help to our friends who were affected by the typhoon ondoy.  Lets maximize however we can help, announcements in your blog, multiply, tweeter, or your status in facebook will be greatly appreciated.

Secondwind will be accepting donations:

  • blankets
  • singlets, jerseys or shirts
  • old footwear
  • food
  • other items that can still be used

We will be accepting until Thursday (end of day) and will donate to ateneo thru Neville Manaois, PUR team principal, secondwind teammate and ateneo professor.  Volunteers to pack and help transfer goods on Friday will be most welcome.

Maraming salamat in advance sa lahat ng tulong na maaari niyong mabigay.

Address and map of Secondwind Running Store


Powerade Duathlon Leg 3

September 20, 2009

It’s always nice when you’re joining a race but it’s even nicer when sometimes you just have to be an “audience” or “supporter”. And that is the scenario earlier today when my beloved husband joined the Powerade Duathlon Leg 3 at MOA by the Triathlon Association of the Philippines (TRAP). He also joined the last leg which was his first road Duathlon. Compared to the last leg there were a lot more “duathlete” who joined, and almost all of them are eager and excited about the race. There were a lot of familiar faces during the race, Ian aka Seabiskwit, Pinoy UltraRunners  Hector, Jeremy, Mikey (also of Second Wind), Rico Villanueva aka Sheerwill, Ryan (forgot his last name) just to name a few.

20092009(008)Athletes who joined the race

20092009(005)Erick fixing his things at the transition area

20092009(007)Chatting with good friend Mikey

A briefing was held first informing the athletes of some changes in the route of the race. And started at 6:45AM, the athletes were off to their (2x)3.5K loops from Bradco Avenue to Macapagal Avenue/Coastal Road.


20092009(011)Here’s Erick finishing his first loop. He finished his first run of 7K in 34minutes.

20092009(012_6)Off to his 30K bike ride

He clocked in his 30K bike ride in 59minutes which I think is not so bad considering he is using a mountain bike. God permits he would be able to buy his road bike in the next couple of weeks in preparation for the Speedo Tri. Leg 4 at UPLB on October 3.

20092009(013_5)And here he is completing his duathlon with the last 3.5K run in 17minutes. (Thanks daw kay Mayo sa pag pacing sa kanya)

As per his official time-keeper [me], his time is as follows:

RUN1 (7K) : 34minutes

Transition1: 2minutes

BIKE (30K): 59minutes

Transition2: 1minute

RUN2 (3.5K): 17minutes

Total Time: 1hour 53minutes

A thought from me:

I really like the “I CAN DO” atmosphere of runners, bikers and every athletes out there, though in the heat of the morning sun, though you’re the last of group, we try to push ourselves to the limit. No distance bounds us with what we can do, on how long the ditance we can run and how many kilometers we can bike. It’s the CAN DO attitude that sets us apart from others. Congratulations to all the runners, bikers and athletes out there who believe that they CAN! 🙂