My kid’s 5th Birthday Bash

January 12, 2009

Last Saturday was my kid’s birthday, it’s their 5th one. My esposo and I have been blessed with two beautiful kids, namely Rebeccah and Rachelle (yes they are twins). I have to get up early that day to prepare for the party. Since it would be starting 3:00PM, I thought I had enough time. I cleaned up the garage (where the party would be held), borrowed chairs and table, took care of the pabitin, and of course cooked food.

I was not expecting too many visitors, I invited my kid’s classmates, some of the mother from school whom I personally know, some of my friends, my esposo’s relatives and friends. I was kinda mad with my esposo for he had to bike with his friends to Timberland that day. The visitors even came first before my esposo did and I was not yet even finish with the cooking.

But I’m glad that everything went well, many guest came and my kids were happy that their friends were able to come, and yes they received lots of gift. I was thankful that once again we have celebrated my kids birthday, they are gift to us from God.

img_1555The Celebrant


img_1590Sis. Naida, Sis. May, Sis. Carol, Dennis and Let

img_1601Jason, Gab and Ana

img_1600Razel and Queenie

img_1570Naomi, Christian, Ayesha an Bec

img_1573Sean, Jemimah, Naomi, Christian, Ayesha and Bec (nasan si Echel)

img_1596Auntie Reggie and Gab