Educational Trip

February 3, 2009

My kids recently had their Educational Trip, since the fee for the said trip was already included in the monthly fees that we pay I only had to pay for myself. It cost P950.00 which I think is very reasonable. We arrived at the Hope Christian Academy at a very early time of 5:15AM, earlier than the said assembly time. I have reserved a seat for my good friend May so that we could have time to chat. 🙂 The bus left at exactly 6:30AM and we’re off to our first destination.

First stop was the Philippine Science Centrum located in E-Com Bldg., Riverbanks Center , Barangka, Marikina City.


It is the first interactive Science Center – Museum in the Philippines. The trip there was educating and I would recommend it even for a family visit. You can check out their site for further information.

img_1714Feeling the electricity

img_1720Mirror Effect

img_1723Head on a plate

Then, Gardenia Philippines… (picture taking was not allowed inside the building, these photos came from their site)



Gardenia educational tours allow students to have a better appreciation and understanding of modern bread production that is fully automated and computer-controlled, untouched by human hands.”

Since it took time for us to go to Gardenia Philippines due to traffic, we had lunch first before going to the Lucky Me Noodle Factory. Picture taking was also prohibited in the vicinity, they just took a class picture of the kids who had tour and uploads it in their Multiply Account, but for reasons I don’t know my kid’s class picture were not included in the site.

Then, Enchanted Kingdom, my kids (and me) had lots of fun in this theme park.


img_1725My twins

img_1730With Christian and Jemimah

img_1740Rachelle, Naomi, Jemimah and Rebeccah

img_1751Airplane Ride

img_1761My sweet Echel

img_1771With Rebeccah

img_1774After a long day