Kenny Roger’s Urbanite – A Nite to Remember

August 18, 2009

While most people are already at home or at the mall or doing their thing on a Saturday night, I was running inside Heritage Park at Fort Bonifacio which seems to be odd, what on Earth am I doing inside a memorial park at night? WHY am I here?

Simply, because I’m one of the many runners who joined the Kenny Roger’s Urbanite last Saturday night.

It was a night to remember for many runners, this race is the first race to be held on a Saturday night and this would be my first 15K run. For the past weeks, I’ve been training my *ss of for this race and for my first half marathon, if I’m not running I’m in the pool swimming [which explains my very tan color] 😉

urbanitewith Jaimie, Raymund, and Bobby

Erick and I arrived at the Fort early, anticipating parking problems. We arrived there past 5PM and parked in front of R.O.X. Erick had to leave me for he has basketball tryout at his office, so off he go after we grabbed a bite at Market Market. There were lots of people in the mall, so I decided not to go inside and headed back to our car.

It was already 7PM, the race area was almost full of runners, I decided to do my warm-up. I did a 2.10K run and drills afterward before proceeding to the area where I saw Jaimie, Bobby and Gigi. We chatted what our game plan will be and what our target finish time would be. It was really nice seeing people whom you’ve come to know while enjoying running. Though you get to see them not that often, it seems that whatever bond you have instantly clicked when you’re together. So glad that I joined the Happy Feet and is still proud to be a Happy Feet member because I have come to know these people. 😉

The festive atmosphere was  all around, you could feel that most of the runners were excited especially me. I don’t know but I was really energetic that time, maybe that’s the difference with a race held at night.


urbanite1that’s me chatting with Ian a.k.a Seabiskwit

urbanite2with Vener a.k.a RunUnlimited

Since I was the one registered for the race, Erick promised me that he will pace me since this is my “first” longest race [so far]. The gun fired exactly 8:15PM, the crowd and runners were cheering, and it was a nice feeling. Hubby said that I have to conserve my energy, so I stopped chanting. Erick wanted me not to stop running and finish the 15K without a break, so that’s what I did or at least up to the 8th kilometer. This was when we exited the Heritage Park, I felt the burning pain when I stopped so I ran again until we reached the dreaded McKinley Hill. I had to do some uphill training, when there was downhill I took this opportunity to save some time.

At K.13 this is when I [thought] that I hit the wall, I thought that I could no longer push it through. But thanks to my very supportive husband, he gave me moral support, when we’re nearing the water station, he would dash to get some Powerade and water for me, he would tell me when to eat my Sportbeans, he would ask me if i need “tubig?” or “powerade?” Could I ask for anything more?

My plan was to cross the finish line together with my husband though he’s not registered, but at the last 200meters, my husband keep telling me “it’s near! it’s near!” I shouted at him “YES! I know!” I think this made him angry, silly me, why did I do that? for that last 200meters, I was running alone, with my running buddy nowhere in sight, I kinda felt sad. But as soon as I neared the finish line and saw the bright light and crowd, my spirit lifted up. It lifted more when I saw my time at 1hour 57minutes 44seconds, yey! I still made a sub 2hour finish time.

I saw Gigi after the race but have to leave her to find my husband first. I apologize to him and then did our cool-down drills. We stayed after the race to watch the Dare-Duo team Marc and  Rovilson and Paula Taylor.


The race was great, the Finish Line team deserves an applaud for a job well done. If I have to rate this race, I would give it a 9, I believe there’s no perfect race, but what makes a race almost perfect is the effort that the organizer give to it’s fullest. Let us give credit where credit is due. Congratulations to all the finisher and to Coach Rio’s team.

***Photo courtesy of Gigi [fitmommy] and Jaimie, thanks. ;)***


May 25, 2009

Yipee! I survived the TNF100 and it was a blast, I will post my story on the said event as soon as possible as I finish with other things that I have to prioritize. Congratulations to all the participants and finishers, and I salute all those who joined the 100K solo and relay, you have my utmost respect, either you finish or not you will always be an ultrarunner to me and for that I really admire your courage.

And to Coach Rio and Vince, congratulations, galeng nyo talaga mag organize ng race. Coach Rio, thanks for the photo-op.