When a runner cannot run

April 13, 2009

My family and I just came back from a three day vacation from Clark. Nope, we didn’t go home to either Laguna or Baguio for some much needed vacation. We know too well that both of this place would be full of people who has same mindset — long holiday. We stayed at Holiday Inn Clark for 2 nights to have some rest, we spent a lot of time on the pool and in bed, plus my kids get to participate in the hotel’s Egg Hunt. It would also been a good time for some run but a very, very bad thing happened to my foot or my toenail to be exact. Here are my accounts of my vacation and mishappening of my foot.


It was my scheduled pedicure last Thursday but because most of salons were not open I operated on my feet instead. While digging to my big toenail, I accidentally dug too much and felt a little pain, since I saw no blood I continued with the surgery and Alas! it was successful. Yipee! I was able to save some money, instead of paying a manicurist I did the job well. (or that’s what I thought).


We just stayed at home for our accommodation at the hotel would be on Saturday to Monday. We just watched movie and went out later in the afternoon for some KFC chicken and pizza at Pizzahut. It was an ordeal finding a store which opened on that day, but we did find one in Araneta Center. (My toenail is feeling a little sore)

I forgot to tell that we went around the Metro and stopped by Baywalk and saw this:


These kids are not afraid of any sickness they could get from the polluted water of the Manila Bay


Having a picnic on the Manila Bay grounds

These families opted to spend their Good Friday by swimming and having a picnic at the Manila Bay


I packed the things that needed to be brought in our stay at Clark, I included my running, biking and swimming clothes for the three days stay at Clark, we will be running the New Balance route as what we did last February when we went there for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. We arrived at 4PM in Clark, my kids were excited about the swimming and once we got there immediately changed to their swimsuits, my beautiful Rebeccah accidentally stepped on my injured toenail while she was excitedly hugging andΒ  kissing me. I shouted in pain and looked at my poor toenail, the sore became SORE!Β  I self medicated taking pain killers and antibiotics, I don’t want it to become worse!And so my foot rested.

img_0282Busy doing nothing πŸ™‚


It’s Easter Sunday! I dressed up my kids and went to garden of the hotel. When we got there, the program was already starting and so is the game but good thing the egg hunt haven’t started yet. There were lots of kids who joined and it was a fun, Clarky was also there (he is the official mascot of Clark who according to the front desk officer celebrated his birthday yesterday) My kids get 7 eggs in total, 4 for Rachelle and 3 for Rebeccah, it’s quite a few but its okay. They won prizes in the games, they got a loot bag from Jack TV which was one of the sponsors.

img_0205My Rebeccah and Rachelle

img_0220Mama, where are the eggs?

img_0233Bec found a green egg

img_0245Showing off their eggs

img_0270Want some carrot topping?

img_0262Happy Easter


My esposo woke up early for a bike ride along with his brother. Too bad, I cannot come for my toenail had enough suffering so I just opted to swim with my two kids. Good thing is that it was still early so there were only few people in the pool area. We played and enjoyed in the pool for two hours and went back to the room to shower and packed for we had to check out. At exactly 11AM, we were on the road to Manila, back to reality and back to the normal life.

img_0342Check out time na!

As I’ am writing this, my toenail is in stinging pain. I wanted to post its picture but I’d rather not for it’s too gruesome, for now me and my toenail would heal together, my toenail from the pain of its affliction and me from the pain of not running. I won’t run it Greenfield this Sunday but I would be there, salivating in envy as I watch runners cross the finish line. But this is not the end for me and my foot, we would come back with a vengeance. πŸ˜€

See you all! (my toenail says) πŸ™‚

Bangkok — Here I come

February 20, 2009

800px-bangkok_nighttimeBangkok City by night (from wikipedia.com)

Next Wednesday, together with my husband’s relatives, we would be travelling to Bangkok for a 5D/4N stay. We booked a flight at Cebu Pacific’s ZERO FARE last December 25 and we would be staying at Holiday Inn Bangkok.



groom_room_01_eThis would be our room (at least that’s what the site tells us)

Our first day would be a city tour, we opted to a DIY (do it yourself) tour, because it would cost a little more if we go for a travel agency. So we could save money and expend it on shopping. We would also be treating ourselves with Thai cuisine, they say buffet meals in Bangkok have reasonable prices. I wanted to watch Siam Niramit, there have been great reviews about the play but with THB1700, we opted not too. Maybe when we return to Bangkok for some other time.


Mostly the trip would be shopping galore, shopping for things we can sell in the Philippines. I have orders from my online customers of kid’s, baby and adult dresses. So I hope that I could combine business and pleasure and maybe some running too. πŸ˜‰

I will post pictures an stories about my trip next week. See yah and God bless. πŸ™‚