8 years and still counting…

March 28, 2009

My esposo and I just celebrated our 8th year wedding anniversary last Wednesday, we didn’t make any special plan as to where we will be celebrating our special occasion. Both of us feel blessed of each others company, we’ve been through a lot, good times, bad times, sickness, health, richer and poorer. But what matters most is that we are still together, loving each other everyday. (naks!)

We decided to celebrate our anniversary today by just going out and watch a movie with the kids. It’s a good thing that “Monsters vs. Aliens” is already being shown in theaters. So, at 3PM, we left home and headed to Waltermart North Edsa, it’s our first time to watch a movie there and I can say that I would be back there to watch another one.


The movie was fun, we really had a good laugh while watching it. I guess it’s nice to be kid again.The story is about Susan Murphy voiced by Reese Witherspoon (who doesn’t know Reese?)  who was struck by a meteor resulting to her growing to 49ft 11in and is called monster who is also known as Ginormica, who was then captured by the military.


In captivity in an institutions which houses monsters, she met Dr. Cockroach voiced by Hugh Laurie (Dr. House), the Missing Link who happens to be a fish-man voiced by Will Arnett (Blades of Glory), B. O. B. (i like him so much, he’s so cute) a gelatin monster voiced by Seth Rogen (Knocked Up) and Insectosaurus a huge bug, bigger than Susan.



They fought the aliens who came to invade earth. The voices of Kiefer Sutherland, Stephen Colbert, and Rainn Wilson were also used in the movie. The movie is  really for kids, but sometimes it’s nice to have a good laugh and feel like you’re a kid again. So why not see this movie, I think it would be worth it.


And after the movie, we treated ourselves with some grilled tilapia and sinigang na baboy, yum! yum! We get to take the kids to a movie and celebrated our anniversary as well. Wouldn’t it be nice that everyday would be like this.