To Finishline Team — Not again???!!!

June 21, 2009

As I was adding another entry to my blog about my race day at the Men’s Health All Terrain today, the results came out and was eager to check my official time as well as my husband. Both of us beat our personal record with our trail run. As I type our surname in the search box, mine came out in the result but husband didn’t. WHY? WHY? WHY?

We encountered ANOTHER problem!!! Yes both me and my husband beat our personal record but the race result didn’t reflect my husband’s name and finish time. He finished 5th overall with a time of 50minutes and 17seconds according to his Timex watch.

This isn’t the first problem we experienced with a race organized by the Finishline team (I don’t have any grudge against them, maybe it’s the system). The first one was with the TNF100, wherein I inquired with them with the age category winners, asking them when choosing the winner under the age category do they choose the youngest or the fastest runner among the group?. Sad to say, I didn’t got any response from them and didn’t even post my “hinanakit response” online. So we just let it go. CASE CLOSED.

With the Men’s Health All Terrain Race, my husband name is not reflected in the race result (or MAYBE masyado pang maaga kasi kapo-post lang ng result). Kristel (Vince Mendoza’s sister assisted my husband in changing his event from 15K to 10K (Bib# 1094), he got the race kit from her early today before the race started. I just hope that Finishline Team would do something about this. Who wouldn’t want to see his name in a race result moreso, if you’re in the TOP 10?