Sheer Will Aquathlon Cup 4 (SWAC)

February 1, 2010

Few hours after arriving from Subic for my kid’s Educational Trip, Erick and I are on the road to Camp Aguinaldo for the Sheer Will Aquathlon Cup. This would be the first time that Erick would be joining the Aquathlon Cup, and this would be a good time to meet some guys.

We arrived at the venue minutes before the race, registered and paid the fee. We were greeted by Commissioner enRico Villanueva and volunteers for the said race.

With Birthday Celebrant Commissioner Rico

Erick with James and Ian

The race was consisted of two categories, the Classic and Lite. For the Classic they would be doing a 6oomteres swim and 5K run while the Lite is 400meters and 3K run. Erick joined the Classic along with other SWAC veterans such as Ian Clemenio and Jason Dela Rama of Believe Strong, he has been cutting off some miles from his running due to his injury and is biking or swimming as his cross-training for the Condura 42K.

Briefing was held before the race

Rico, said that the Classic would go first and let them finish before the Lite would start. I, along with some of the girls were given the task to count the lap of assigned athletes to us, and make it sure that they finish the said laps.

Volunteers Photo Op with Commissioner

“Classic” Picture

I was glad that I attended this race to support my husband, and have met people, some I know only in the forum. Was able to meet them personally and get to chat with them. And I was glad to have helped in this event.

“Lite” Picture

I had lots of fun at this race, and over-all it was organize and there were a lot of participants. There was free food for everyone courtesy of the January birthday celebrants including Rico. I was laughing almost all the time, there were a lot of clowns in the people.

Erick won first place in the Classic followed by Jason Dela Rama and Vinci Carag.

Mga Mamaw


More pictures:

Male Winners of the Classic and Lite category

Wedding Bliss

April 17, 2009

In two days time Jinoe and Queenie of  ( will a tie a knot and start a brand new day of their marriage. I wish you many years full of love, caring and understanding. God bless you both and best wishes. If you want to read their very romantic love story visit their site at weddding announcer.



Got these pictures from Jinoe’s blog Manokan Express.

A Prayer for your Marriage. May the bond of faith and love that brought you together be blessed and grow stronger every year. And may you walk with the Lord always, finding more and more to love about each other with every passing day. Congratulations