A Week-long Practice Run

January 12, 2009

This entire week would be (I hope) a week-packed of practice run in preparation for the “Thrill of the Trail” this coming Sunday. I have to ready myself physically, I don’t want to finish that race injured. I have to enjoy the race since it my first trail run. I just hope that everything will went well.



Monday – January 12, 2009

Did a 4.8K (3 x 1.8K) practice run on the Up Oval, did the first run around it in less than 15mins. But on my second round, the right part of my back hurt so I had to stretch my arms while running. And on the third, I was panting, maybe because I over pampered myself, I ate what I wanted, I slept late and woke up too early. So instead of my goal of doing 5run around the Oval, I just did 3, and half walking, waaahhh!!! I have to do better tomorrow. My esposo said we would be running in Timberland, I just hope it would push trough, it’s for my own sake. ๐Ÿ™‚

Run-less week

December 20, 2008

I haven’t worn my running clothes for a few days now. My last run and bike was last Sunday on UP Diliman grounds (where I get to see Dingdong Dantes ๐Ÿ˜‰ ). I’ve been very busy these past few days, my esposo celebrated his 30th birthday last 16th, and my kid’s school schedule is hectic since this would be thier last week for the year.

For three consecutive days I have to go to my kid’s school to watch the school caroling, to watch my kids on their Christmas program and to attend the school’s Christmas party. I even had to stay up late to wrap gifts for friends and relatives. And still we’re not yet finish with our gift list. There are a few more that my esposo and I haven’t thought of what to give. The holiday is giving me too much stress, but hey, I’m a kid at heart when it Christmas Season.

And I beleive that next week would be even more busy. It would be our first time to celebrate the Noche Buena in our home. We usually do that either at my parent’s house in Laguna or at my in-laws in Baguio City. I’m quite excited and is still finalizing my menu for that evening. I’m thinking of making an eggnog for each one of us and some cookies, or roast a whole chicken. How about you?

I just hope that I get to run tomorrow on UP grounds before going to church, I’m guessing it would be my last run for the year. Merry Christmas!